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  •  Type:   Apartments
  •  City:  Sakarya - Karasu
  •  Ready By:   Ready
  •  Payment Method:   Cash
  •  Distance to Center:   2 km
  •  Distance to Beach:   0,5 km
  •  Distance to Airport:   165 km
  •  Construction Year:   2016
Why this property?
  • Karasu is considered as a promising city in terms of the real estate investment in Turkey. This came as a result of the vital projects in the city such as the project of the Third Bridge of Istanbul, and the project of the Sea and Port Corniche. This predicts a steady rise in prices in a near future.
  • The housing complex is located on the main street of the city with stunning views overlooking the beautiful mountains.
  • The complex is in Karasu, which is on the Black Sea distinguished by its moderate weather.
  • It is close to Istanbul and affordable for suitable and cheap prices.
  • The construction consists of 4 blocks containing 59 apartments, each block consists of a ground floor, first floor, second floor, and wide balconies to enjoy barbecue.
  • Earthquake-resistant buildings. The apartments are available with separated kitchen, balcony, and bathroom. The designs and models of gypsum are modern. The satellite system is central.
  • There is a semi-Olympic swimming pool, children's swimming pool, a fitness center, a cafeteria, a garden full of trees, playgrounds for children, and tracks for jogging.
  • Finest concrete (Bs25) is used in decoration. The external fronts are designed with thermal insulation system, while the internal walls are painted by erasable and Cleanable paint (Filli Boya.)
  • Wooden floors of (Floorpan) brand, kitchen's and bath’s floors are of the ceramic (Graniser) brand, the drawers and shelves of the kitchens and toilets are of a super brand (İstikbal Regina).
  • The internal doors are American-made, the double-windowpane windows are French-made, heavy external doors, vast green spaces, and latest models of bathtubs.
  • Central heating system, soundproofing system, roof insulation system.
  • 10-year guarantee, security and protection system round the clock.
  • Payment method: 30% deposit payment is required and the rest shall be paid upon delivery.
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